CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

More on screen melts

OS X on my computer seems to have cycles of a couple of days uptime, followed by about three or four crashes in one day, then another couple of days uptime. The screen melt problem I've already talked about is by no means history, but in the past hour I discovered a new variant.

Until now screen melts had only occurred while the computer was silent, but just now I had been listening to iTunes when the screen melted. This time it was accompanied by the last second or so of audio skipping endlessly, even once the stripes had settled. Odd stuff.

I'm still no closer to explaining the phenomenon, sadly. Even more depressing is fsck's output:

** /dev/rdisk0s9
** Root file system
** Checking Catalog file.
Incorrect block count for file temp267700
(It should be 2048 instead of 3309)
Incorrect block count for file temp272069
(It should be 20 instead of 18)
Incorrect block count for file temp273422
(It should be 1664 instead of 3309)
Overlapped extent allocation (file 302415d)
Overlapped extent allocation (file 302786d)
Overlapped extent allocation (file 305072d)
Overlapped extent allocation (file 305072d)
Overlapped extent allocation (file 305072d)
Overlapped extent allocation (file 307969d)
Incorrect block count for file temp96950
(It should be 314 instead of 300)
Invalid key length
(4, 302)

Of course, it politely refuses to fix any of the above. Sigh.
Tags: computer problems, mac os x

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