CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

Hacking the pl^H^Hhome network

As if manually compiling mrtg and its dependencies and successfully adding it as a recurring launchd-fired service wasn't punishment enough, I will be spending this evening debugging an rrdtool install, and installing mysql to handle a Cacti web interface.

And all because my ISP took my "unlimited" service, upgraded it then crippled it after the fact: this is so I can monitor my router's PPPoA interface to accurately judge how much I've downloaded over a rolling 60-day period.

I'm on holiday. Maybe I should start acting like it...

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    am sat in the cottage, reading a good book by candlelight while the fire smoulders a few feet away & an owl coos in the distance. boredom averted!

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    opening times sign says pub shuts at 22:30. having biked uphill for 20 minutes, i roll up at 21:05. pub is shut. i bike back. rawr.

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    Not too far away from the cottage now; elevation's about 1300ft at the mo. Best part? IT'S SNOWING!

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