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because I say so

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Passing thought
The growing practice of inserting "bonus" additional scenes at the end of a TV drama episode annoys the living frak out of me. If you already had the airtime necessary to show the scene, here's a crazy thought: why not show it in context within that episode's plot, and abandon the cherade of misleading people into thinking they're getting exclusive additional content?

I mean, frak me.

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(Deleted comment)
I've noticed it happening with various CSIs, too.

I don't mind. It's their choice to even show it to us at all, and with BSG I'll take what I can get.

And also, stop with the weird cheesy screen logos with the cheesy wailing guitar playing over them that do not fit the feel of the show at all, and the polls are just outright DUMB the way they're phrased.

Hidden side-effect: I don't see either of the gimmicks you mentioned on these shores (fortunately), but because these "bonus" scenes get tacked on at the end of an ep I sometimes don't see those in the exported version either. Either.

Oh man, they're horrible. There's nothing like coming out of a serious scene to the "soulful" wailing of electric guitars over a cheesy BSG logo screen and totally killing the mood with its ridiculousness.

And sometimes it's wailing over some kind of shallow multiple choice poll that if you participate in you might WIN PRIZES OMG, available online. The current one looks to be:

Can Caprica Six be trusted to help the fleet?

* Yes, she has too much at stake.
* No, Cylons can never be trusted.
* Maybe, but only if she is respected.

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