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I'm looking for a new name for my radio show, which kicks off next Friday night. When I did my first show on the station back in '01 (gosh, I'm old news) I was just "jc on...": when I finally decided the show needed a name in '04, I called it "The Influence", referring to the influence that most rock bands have on others. Now I've decided that name's a bit wishy washy for a rock music show, I'm open to suggestions.

My latest idea is "This Is How It Should Be Done", referring to the fact that my station manager has repeatedly told me I do the best show on the station, if not one of the best. As a bonus, I can cut up a Limp Bizkit song to act as a jingle, which is as much Limp Bizkit as I'll play. It's station manager's fault I'm going back on the air, and it's his fault he gave my show the temporary name "jc's Progressive Jazz Emporium". So, sock it to him: feed me...

Poll #970359 Ideas!

What should my next radio show be called?

Bonus question! What would you like to hear on this (primarily rock music) show? (Besides my voice. *mock-glare*)


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