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because I say so

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Back to OS 9. Again.
This time I'm 95% sure it's Safari's fault.

I'm browsing as usual, when suddenly Safari disappears, my Dock disappears, my clock freezes and I have to force restart. The computer won't start up. Argh.

Every so often my hard drive just disappears after a serious, serious crash for about ten minutes. Nothing, even Disk Utility, can see it. When it did show up again, I managed to boot up into OS 9. I decided to run DiskWarrior on my X partition despite past failures, and it spent about six or seven hours repairing the directory during which time it finds three hundred overlapped files. I save the report for later perusal, and reboot into OS X.

So many little things in OS X were broken and the Console spewed out so many error messages that I decided to re-install. Looking at the report, half the overlapped files were Safari Cache files. Grr. I'm now re-compiling all the little things I had before I erased the broken partition.

Sod it, from now on I refuse to use Safari until its post-beta release. So much for dumping Camino.