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I have a .Mac e-mail only account that I pay $10/year for. However, I don't pay this to Apple directly, because they only allow e-mail only accounts as "children" of full accounts, which means I pay someone I can trust to "host" my address. The thought just occurred to me that his renewal date is early October, and he probably won't renew this time around, meaning I'd have to transfer my account to another "daddy" if I wanted to keep the address, which I still do.

I know at least one person on my friends list still pays for a full .Mac account, but this is my open letter to anyone else who has one in the event that they'd like to be my "mommy" or "daddy" account. The address is only a forwarder, so I wouldn't take up any of your disk space; I'd just need to trust that you won't delete it on a whim and you'll contact me once a year to ask me to pony up my $10, which I always will.


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