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At least the lightning didn't strike

I know, I'm stupid.

Meteo forecast a thunderstorm, and the rain was getting really heavy outside, so I decided to put the PowerBook to sleep and unplug. This was against my usually better judgement, as I stopped trusting my battery after it started to spontaneously discharge on me at random a year or two ago.

Sure enough, by the time I returned to the computer an hour or two later it wouldn't wake up. When I started up, I was booted back into OS 9 again. (This happens far too often for my liking.) DiskWarrior reports a minor directory error, but it was obviously serious enough to prevent the computer from booting into OS X.

That X can be this susceptible to directory damage is seriously galling. Maybe I'm just jinxed, but there must be a better way for X to deal with sudden loss of power that doesn't involve massive overheads, such as its extremely hidden journalling feature. There must be...
Tags: computer problems, mac os x

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