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not yours

because I say so

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Yours in frustration
frustration, computer problems, oops
Dear Internets:

The word is not rediculous, it's ridiculous. Please take a refresher course in spelling. Thank you.

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Your backround is showing.

r u sure lol? I checked it's code and it looks fine 2 me lol.

You stole my reply. :(

Ugh, yes. That's very high on my list of misspelling pet peeves. I'm especially irritated by it when the person is responding to someone who also used the word, spelled correctly, and still misspells it. Does that mean they don't even read closely enough to notice the discrepancy? Or that they're so conceited that clearly the other person must have been to one to spell it wrong?

Lately I've been trying to alleviate frustrations about grammar and spelling mistakes by blaming it on some inner good. For instance, in a document I was proofing yesterday one of the author's had capitalized a LOT of random words. I decided they just liked making things feel important.

...it's not working.

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