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Catching Up

Since I re-gained the usefulness of dailystrips when I installed OS X two or three months ago (has it really been that long already?), one of the 35 comics I've recently (re)started following is GPF.

The past couple of cartoons in the series had me a little confused as to what was going on, so I decided last night to catch up from the beginning.

This comic started in November 1998. That's more than 1,500 strips to date.

Still, I kept at it and have now caught up in a surprisingly short amount of time. I must say, this cartoonist can certainly carry a story, and the lead character, Nick, reflects my life, attitudes and circumstances perfectly in two dates in 2000. That's as specific as I'm going to get in a public journal.

And yes, maxwellgrant and lightningbaron, Get Fuzzy is also one of the 35. I've been following that one for a while longer.
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