CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

Printing bliss

A whole truckload of deliveries descended on my doorstep in the past week. First to arrive last Thursday was the printer I ordered on the 5th. I finally received my first free CD from the Coca-Cola Txt2Collect promotion in the post this morning, along with a free camcorder.

Because the printer arrived on the day I did my first (and probably last) radio show in a while, preparation for it took priority over setting up the printer. Once I did set it up though I had it hooked up to the network as hoped, and working in OS X and OS 9 on my PowerBook. Why it only supports USB on OS 8.6 however is beyond me.

Tonight I put it through its paces by printing out game tickets on 160g card both sides, and also printing the envelopes. My jaw still drops at the speed this thing spits out pages. Still, I had a minor heart attack when I had to wrench a couple of stuck envelopes out after I'd stupidly put them in the wrong way round. It made this horrible rattling noise that fortunately passed after a couple of seconds. I just hope it doesn't lead to major breakages in future...

Free camcorder, you ask? I won it in a competition, natch. Again thanks to a Coca-Cola supermarket in-store sport-related promotion, I nominated a school to receive the use of a minibus for a year and was entered into a draw to win a camcorder. The thing itself isn't top-of-the-range (no viewscreen, remote or FireWire connection), but hey, it's a freebie. I can't exactly complain, especially since the picture quality's so good.

Plus, I think the old 7100 I inherited from my old school has AV connectors, so there's scope for experimentation. Mwahahaaa...
Tags: blind luck, consumer whore, tinkering

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