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And to top it off, rare Evanescence

I can't believe I hadn't discovered BitTorrent and its OS X client until today, especially since earenwe has used it for ages to trade DMB shows. Pfft.

Anyway, according to Usenet it's a good network for trading episodes of TV shows, but I soon discovered much more than that.

Probably my most enlightening download of the night has been an Evanescence album called "Origin", which I at first mistook for their apparent debut "Fallen". It appears that "Origin" was released way, way back in 2000 and is now out of print and incredibly hard to find, leaving the band free to claim "Fallen" is their debut.

Cracking album all the same.

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    am sat in the cottage, reading a good book by candlelight while the fire smoulders a few feet away & an owl coos in the distance. boredom averted!

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    opening times sign says pub shuts at 22:30. having biked uphill for 20 minutes, i roll up at 21:05. pub is shut. i bike back. rawr.

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    Not too far away from the cottage now; elevation's about 1300ft at the mo. Best part? IT'S SNOWING!

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