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The ongoing OS X breakage saga, Day 91

Yesterday was the worst day yet, by far.

I woke up to find the computer had crashed, and upon restarting I couldn't get back into OS X for about ten minutes. In my infinite stupidity I hadn't created a new user, and when I tried to access the Accounts System PrefPane System Preferences would unexpectedly quit on me. So, I decided to try the 10.2.6 update.

Naturally I took the top 256MB RAM chip out first, as that always causes problems in system installs etc. The update went very well, so I decided to update the rest of the software on the next restart. This also went well.

Restarting again brought me all kinds of problems. At first I couldn't get the login screen to appear, and having X recreate my Library folder brought it back. However, the Finder was now as flaky as a brittle chocolate bar, quitting and restarting whenever I tried the simplest things. fsck reported yet more directory damage, and eventually found problems it yet again couldn't fix. Right, I thought, I'll just restart back into OS 9 again.

No go. System bomb at startup: "file system map inconsistent". That's one I've never encountered before... and I got the same thing trying to start up from the OS 9 CD. Well, colour me manically depressed.

I eventually resorted to something I haven't done for four years... used PowerBook SCSI Disk Mode, to mount my 'Book's HD on the 7100, from where this journal entry comes. The OS 9 partition is hosed, the OS X partition is seriously flaky, but the other two major partitions are thankfully OK.

Now begins the painfully long backup process. I can't chain the CD writer and 'Book to the 7100, as I don't have another big-to-small connector for the writer, so I'll have to try and find a workaround. I really don't like the prospect of unmounting and remounting my 'Book's HD, as I don't know how long it'll last.

Once the drive is reinitialised and I can hopefully boot from CD again, I'll experiment with installing 10.2, installing the DevTools, then updating to 10.2.6 and installing only the necessary add-ons.

Why the hell must things be so difficult?
Tags: computer problems, mac os x

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