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because I say so

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And so, the roles are reversed
Last year, Harry Potter and the Chamber Of Secrets was premiered across the UK over two days, a week before its US release. Because I went to one of these and earenwe couldn't, I was forced to keep my mouth shut for a whole week until she had seen the film for herself. It was torture.

By now earenwe has already seen The Matrix Reloaded, which doesn't come out in UK cinemas until the Wednesday of next week. The timing sucks, as five have scheduled Matrix night that night instead of the Tuesday, which would make more sense. The first showing of Reloaded is at 8:30pm, half an hour before the original plays on five.

On Thursday, there are showings every half hour during the day, but of course Thursday night is brew night for Dad (more like a habit than a steadfast tradition), so even the 5:20pm showing wouldn't be early enough. If we went to the 4:20pm showing, Mum would have to leave work an hour early. I'm hoping I can persuade her.

So, that leaves a week from today for earenwe to keep her mouth shut. That applies to the rest of you miscreants, too.

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I emailed Ringo (hopefully a future LJer if he ever finds the time)
to avoid reading my friends page if he doesn't want M spoiled
so it is funny you address this.
Also I love the way you load your entries with links
reminds me of my friend Minn's journal;
she writes sometimes from Bombay
(as well as stateside)
and helps us along with the odd stuff.

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