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Gimme an F
frustration, computer problems, oops
Just read an epic article on the recent explosion of the use of the word FAIL on the Internets. There's apparently some sort of content strike planned for tomorrow to protest against LiveJournal's elimination of free accounts, but I have a feeling the plan is made of said fail, primarily because it's set to last only 24 hours from midnight to midnight GMT.

Hell, in the course of normal journal updating you could say I participate in at least three 24-hour content strikes each week. It's really not that hard to do, and I doubt the co-ordinated efforts of people will help much if they simply don't access the site for a day. Still, we'll see; perhaps it'll develop into a prolonged strike, but then people would have to access LiveJournal just to hear news of any climbdown or to see whether SUP got pissed off and deleted their journals out of spite, or just disabled account re-activation for the weekend.

I dare you to comment on this entry tomorrow.

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I'm working from home tomorrow: FAIL

(Deleted comment)
You got in 18 minutes under teh wire. EPIC FAIL

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