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Ananova reports that Channel 4 has sold the UK terrestrial TV rights to screen Alias and Angel (and Dawson's Creek, not that I care) to five, which plans to start showing season three of Angel on June 2nd.

While this is all well and good, it speaks volumes of how Channel 4 has treated some of my favourite shows in the past. Angel and Alias have both been targeted at a teen market, which for some reason means it has scheduled these shows on Sundays at around 6pm. C4 has also had to climb down in the past from editing Angel so heavily to fit into this ridiculously early slot that the storyline suffers seriously, and as a result has bumped it to 11.30pm!

Enterprise, which is remarkably the first ever Star Trek series that has not been shown on the BBC, has suffered from the same scheduling nonsense as of late, and it looks to me like that'll switch channels before I even see season two. Not to mention Stargate SG-1, which shows on Sunday afternoons at around 4pm, and Smallville, which now occupies the slot Alias and Enterprise once did.

It's a fair bet that Channel 4 sold these shows on because they were suffering from poor ratings, which makes it even more unbelievable that channel execs didn't even once think that their utterly lame scheduling decisions might have affected these ratings.

Coupled with the fact that C4 has bought the UKT rights to The Simpsons from the BBC (no great loss, as the Beeb have been showing season two of that show on a loop), it's as if the channel wanted these marginally less popular shows to die to make way for the no-brainer stuff like Big Brother. It makes me sick.
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