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because I say so

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Who's all going?
I really need to start planning my next holiday. I have 16 days left, but I can roll over five to next academic year. This leaves me with 11; if I keep one aside for an emergency or other type day, that still leaves me with two whole weeks to play with - include weekends and that's a potential consecutive period of 16 days. Which I have to take before July 31st.

So, where should I go? What should I do? Who should I meet? I'd like to keep costs down, but assume money is no object.

Edit: I've nailed down tentative dates, which can lie anywhere within Saturday 24th May and Sunday 8th June.

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In two weeks? On my salary? How?

Well, you said assume money is no object <_< Uh, I dunno. Visit just the west coast, then?

Well, yeah, but... two weeks to cover 3.8m square miles? That's pushing it. :)

Haven't been to the west coast in eight years, so that's a thought. Silly Homeland Security will want my fingerprints again, though, because of course I'm a potential terrorist.

Yeah, after I thought about it I realized "hmm, that'd be kinda hard to do even if you slept on a plane each night."

If you visit SF, let me know :D

Holy wow... how do I get that much time off?

Go to another country. Spend a week at the beach. Go camping. Go visit relatives you haven't seen in a while. (Go visit my relatives for me...)

Work at a school. I'm not even teaching staff and I start out with 35 days.

Vast majority of my relatives are in Iceland, and I was there in November. Suppose I could go visit my relatives in Jamaica, but that'd have to be a winter trip.

you should come see meeee.

Short term, you can meet with me this (long) weekend :P

Long weekend? What's that? (Ali already gave me the third degree about there being no public holidays in Scotland whatsoever.)

(saw the link to this in #lj_s)

I second JD with the go-to-the-east-coast thing. It's beautiful there.

Go somewhere nice, warm, and tropical, even :)

West coast, I mean, of course

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