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Too... <yawn>... early... in... the... morning...

Thankful I get Monday and Tuesday off next week. Fed up of university. Distracting myself from work that needs done in the next two hours.

When I get home, I'll either sleep until Saturday or try and bring OS X back up to date without all hell breaking loose. Again. Aiming for 10.2.6 with DevTools. the_demiurge had no problems installing the DevTools over 10.2.5, so might try that route. Fearful of downloading latest Safari release version, although might use Safari Enhancer to disable its cache so it doesn't screw my HD over again.

Forgot to mention MTV is hosting its Europe Music Awards here in November. Gettin' my blag on as you read this, although they might laugh in my face over what I have to propose...
Tags: burning the midnight oil, computer problems, mac os x

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