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rock on
I don't claim to know much about the Tibet situation, but I feel relieved knowing that the issue - and others involving the Chinese government - will be at the forefront of media coverage whenever the subject of the 2008 Beijing Olympics comes up. The IOC itself has warned that the great firewall of China should not affect journalists during the games, and throughout the torch relay the protestors have successfully subverted media coverage. It's going to be a fun summer.

(Compare the last link with the official web site's own report of the London relay. Oh, how sanitized the news can be.)

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I hear a lot of people say, "oh, politics and the Olympics should be separate" and maybe that's something they feel okay with doing, but that's just not something I can do. The host country reflects heavily on the games themselves, sort of advocating in a way that this country operates by standard humanitarian guidelines. I won't be watching any of the games, but that's just me.

And the IOC can say all they want about journalists having free access, but I highly, highly doubt it's going to happen.

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