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And now for the computer news

I somehow cannot believe that I managed to update OS X from 10.2 to 10.2.5 (on the second attempt), then install the DevTools, then update to 10.2.6, and install all the required updates one at a time using Software Update, all without incident. I suppose I'm so used to OS X failing catastrophically on me that I expected something to go extremely wrong in the process.

A couple of differences to this installation. I'm now using iTerm instead of Terminal, because Terminal's colours and scrollback features are too broken for my liking. With iTerm I can finally use scrollback within screen sessions, which is highly useful for my IRC sessions. Unfortunately, my Enter key is for some reason equivalent to ^C, which isn't ideal. I'll see if I can't change that behaviour somehow.

I was slightly hesitant to even touch Safari again after it screwed up my HD, but this time I'm using Safari Enhancer to disable Safari's cache entirely. I seriously hope it fares better as a result.

Finally, now everything's mostly back to normal (save for a couple of additional apps) I've had a little time to explore the new iTunes music store. Because I live outside the US I'm not authorised to actually buy anything from the store, but I'm still allowed to browse around and listen to the enticing 30-second previews. All in all, I'm impressed. Will have to experiment with DRM circumvention when I buy my first track...
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