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Finally, some random thoughts

This afternoon, I had a clear shot at the mouse. This mouse escaped from under the floorboards (where it came from and how it ended up underneath the third floor, I have no idea) and has been roaming around the living room these past few weeks. Sadly, the air gun's up north along with the folks until Monday, so I had to resort to idly chasing the mouse back to its hole.

On Thursday I ordered my Matrix Reloaded tickets, for Thursday at 4:20pm at the multiplex round the corner. (I love having a multiplex round the corner. To me it's such a cool thing to advertise: "Hey, wanna go see a movie? The 12-screen's just round the corner...") What I still don't understand is why the film's being released a week after its US release. If I remember correctly, Revolutions is a simultaneous worldwide release, which makes even less sense added to Reloaded's schedule. Nevertheless, I've already had a major, major plot detail revealed to me (partly my own fault for trying to keep up with my LJ friends), so I don't want any more spoilers. Please?

I confirmed on Friday that I'm on university holiday Monday and Tuesday, which is a relief. I baby-sat earlier tonight, and I'm doing it again tomorrow night, so that's a bit of extra pocket money.

And I already have £16.69 of loose change in my wallet. Hel-lo, Pizza Hut!
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