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I've had it. Once I find the receipt, I'm taking my new 256MB RAM chip and the computer into the AppleCentre tomorrow.

You'll remember just two journal entries ago that I had my system all up to date and functional? Well, as soon as I put the top 256MB RAM chip back in everything went haywire again. I can now break the computer without fail by using Disk Utility to Verify Disk Permissions, so I'll show that to them tomorrow and see what they have to say about it.

I had to check once and for all whether my poorly Wallstreet can even cope with a maximum of 384MB RAM, and EveryMac happily confirms it. This means that either the types of RAM in my computer are mismatched, although I have no way to accurately tell, or the additional 256MB chip (the second replacement) is faulty.

Either way, I doubt the AppleCentre guys will let me hang around for half an hour or so while I demonstrate the chip's faultiness.
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