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because I say so

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iTunes 4 just got a whole lot cooler
I suspect earenwe will use this to great effect come September...: shareiTunes.com.

Also, I'm downloading iTunesdl [that's a direct download link] before Apple's lawyers pull it.

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silliest question you read all night

I just told a friend who lightningbaron and I are trying to cajol
into getting a LJ of his own about this - he has both PC and MAC running (with broadband).

Does it make any sense for me to try to download this with a PC and 56K?

What, iTunesdl?

iTunesdl is an OS X-native app, so unless your friend's Mac runs on OS X v10.1.5 or later it won't be of much use to him. It won't be of any use at all to a PC user, although it's perfectly OK to download the .tgz file using the link I provided and then pass the compressed file on to your friend. It's only a 60KB file compressed, so it should only take a couple of seconds to download using a 56Kb modem.

If your friend finds iTunesdl useful, he might want to also use ServerStore, another tiny app which lists publicly available libraries.

Those two apps are the two tiniest and most beautifully elegant pieces of programming I've seen since I started using OS X three months ago.

Awesome! Thanks!

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