CAPS LIKE WHOA (jc) wrote,

Home! No thanks to Ryanair.

Ryanair is a depressingly shit airline, the only one to give me the feeling that I, along with everyone else, am being treated like cattle. Which is why I was shocked to be offered a free in-flight magazine on the flight home. Terribly rough landings there and back, though; as if the plane dropped a whole five feet onto the tarmac, ka-thunk style. Won't be flying Ryanair again if I can possibly avoid it.

They had the audacity to slap a £4 surcharge on me on Friday, payable at check-in, as I (along with the vast majority of those in the ridiculously long queues for my flight) failed to check in on-line because their web site wouldn't let me - "sorry, an error occurred, please try again later" - and then punished me further for using their check-in desks by denying me on-line check in for the return flight. They neglected (forgot?) to charge me another £4 for that, but I have a good mind to write the OFT regardless. I have never held so much resentment and contempt towards an airline even before I'd used them, although now I feel totally justified for doing so.

In other news: a limitation of my Apple TV, despite its Flickr integration, is that I can only subscribe to contacts and view their albums. This isn't so bad in itself, but especially for screen saver purposes I'd prefer to be able to subscribe to a pool, or tag, such as "landscapes", and use those. For now I'm settling on djw's recent photos, which feature a lot of truly spectacular architectural and landscape shots.


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