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Home! No thanks to Ryanair.
tweety, wtf
Ryanair is a depressingly shit airline, the only one to give me the feeling that I, along with everyone else, am being treated like cattle. Which is why I was shocked to be offered a free in-flight magazine on the flight home. Terribly rough landings there and back, though; as if the plane dropped a whole five feet onto the tarmac, ka-thunk style. Won't be flying Ryanair again if I can possibly avoid it.

They had the audacity to slap a £4 surcharge on me on Friday, payable at check-in, as I (along with the vast majority of those in the ridiculously long queues for my flight) failed to check in on-line because their web site wouldn't let me - "sorry, an error occurred, please try again later" - and then punished me further for using their check-in desks by denying me on-line check in for the return flight. They neglected (forgot?) to charge me another £4 for that, but I have a good mind to write the OFT regardless. I have never held so much resentment and contempt towards an airline even before I'd used them, although now I feel totally justified for doing so.

In other news: a limitation of my Apple TV, despite its Flickr integration, is that I can only subscribe to contacts and view their albums. This isn't so bad in itself, but especially for screen saver purposes I'd prefer to be able to subscribe to a pool, or tag, such as "landscapes", and use those. For now I'm settling on djw's recent photos, which feature a lot of truly spectacular architectural and landscape shots.

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You're not the first person to dislike Ryan Scare, and I'm sure you won't be the last...

Scary as hell is that they were going to be offering trans-Atlantic flights. The New York Times travel correspondents reviewed the discount airlines of Europe, and said the following about RyanAir:

Arriving at the airport tired and dirty is bad enough, but when you’re flying on RyanAir, it’s enough to make you suicidal. This was the airline friends had warned me about — not just the cheapest but the chintziest, not just no-frills but inhabiting a frill-free alternate universe. Still, when the London-Fez route is £1.39 (£38.32 with taxes and fees; $76.64 at $2 to the pound), who can complain?

I can. Boarding the 737-800, again at a distant gate, was absurd: seats on RyanAir are not assigned, and everyone made a mad dash for a good spot; all the while a flight attendant — in a blue uniform so crisp it seemed like she’d never worn it before — kept everyone out of the first six rows. They remained inexplicably empty the whole flight.

I settled in Row 7, then began to wish I’d never sat down. The cramped seats did not recline, and were made of molded blue plastic, as if they would be hosed down after the flight. Luckily, I’d been awake all night and fell instantly asleep.

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