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I love the Eurovision Song Contest. No, really, I do!

Neither the songs nor the presenters matter at all, which is why they're generally so crap. No, the Eurovision is widely held as an excuse for the participating countries to use politics to rig the votes and give the points to their chums, and (this year) as an oppurtunity to utterly hate the UK over Iraq. The Beeb had a phone vote for the UK again this year, but who actually believes their 10p vote actually matters in the grand scheme of things?

Every year I skip the first 90 minutes and go straight to the song re-cap and (blatantly rigged) results. I'm currently watching Lorraine Kelly give the UK results. Highlights so far include the poor Bosnia-Herzegovinan presenter messing up her results, meaning they had to reset the leaderboard (which took two minutes) and make her give all of her points again. Germany gave Poland the full 12 (rather amusingly), and Greece and Cyprus reserved the 12 for each other, as did Iceland and Norway.

Most interesting was the subtitles (closed captioning) parts, where they actually had translators interpreting the foreign song lyrics into English and pushing them out as subtitles. Another highlight as a result was t.A.T.u., mainly because their performance (consisting of about two lines' worth of lyrics) wasn't at all interesting or controversial, yet they still got the usual points (and were hilariously booed by the crowd each time they did so). Even more hilarious was when a country was cheered by the audience for giving Russia a low number of points!

Another thing that amuses me every year about Eurovision is the French. I never know why everything is said both in English and in French, and why the French and the Belgians feel the dire need to give their results in their native language.

At the moment, Estonia are giving their results, and the UK shares the prestigious nul points with this year's hosts, Latvia. Oh, look! Estonia just gave Latvia a token five points. We're at the bottom of the league. *snicker* At the end of the contest, the UK has no points (for the first time in Eurovision history), and is the only country not to have any points. Usually this would mean we'd be relegated from the qualifying country league next year, but we put too much money into the EBU for them to even think of booting us out of next year's contest.

Whenever I want to be actually amused rather than irritated by politics, I watch Eurovision. Gotta love Terry Wogan and his snide and sarcastic comments though. Eurovision wouldn't be the same without his jibes; I'd probably go insane.
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