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Scam artists
frustration, computer problems, oops
I don't like surprises, so imagine my surprise when I decided to actually look at this month's phone bill only to discover a single international call costing £14. So, I took unilateral action. We're now paying BT £1 per month so we can pay them an additional 6p/min for calls to Iceland, instead of 50p/min.

Why I oughta...

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Surely there is some SIP software for Macs? Load a tenner onto it and you can make VOIP calls for cheapo.

VOIP isn't there yet, and the additional saving is only 4p/min. Plus, I have to leave Demon first, since my DSL service has deteriorated so much.

Who are you moving to ?

Nearly went with demon....but went for sky.....BIG mistake!

I'm with Andrews & Arnold, who are pretty good. Yes, they charge a little more than some others, but it's the difference between driving a Skoda and a Jaguar. They're pioneering 21CN, have a very informative status blog, and the MD himself is both a techy and hangs out on IRC ...

Moving to Be, soon as the amount of e-mail currently being quarantined for being sent directly to jcweb.demon.co.uk reaches an acceptable level.

Sadly beyond my mother, unless we were to buy very expensive dedicated handsets - and somewhat beyond my Internet connection.

That is rather unfortunate with the internet connection, but after I accomplished graduating my father to a reasonably competent Skype user, I believe most people in the Western world younger than say 75 and still with adequate mental faculties and a knowledge of how a mouse works can use Skype with reasonable ease.

Perhaps once I upgrade my ISP and bandwidth speeds, I can consider buying a standalone Skype handset for convenience's sake. Sadly, my mother just seems completely unwilling to substitute a telephone handset for a laptop computer.

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