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Down with flash radio player sneakiness!

My Roku Soundbridge just proved its worth a third time, thanks to my shiny new universal remote. Turns out there's a dedicated infrared command for each of its eighteen Internet radio presets, so while there aren't eighteen equivalent buttons on the remote I can still program my universal remote to access them directly. Now, if I can only assign channel icons to them, it'd be all pretty.

So with my new-found ability to listen to as much Internet radio as I like, guilt-free, I decided to look up the stream URLs of my favourite stations. Which is when I discovered a dirty tactic by CBS Radio, which has hidden its various stream URLs behind a silly Flash player. Went hunting, and found an incredibly handy generic PLS address:

Where STATIONNAME is the call letters or name of the station, for instance: (K-ROCK2, Internet-only version of New York's WXRK with better music on it) (WBCN-FM, The Rock of Boston)

Append DIALUP for the low-bitrate stream, e.g.:

I imagine this URL format works with most of the call letters from the List of broadcast stations owned by CBS Radio. Neato.

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