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because I say so

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Seriously, every time a little snow falls in this country, everyone behaves as if snow didn't even exist before that exact moment. I want out.

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It's not snow it's "an extreme weather event!"

Snow fell in London so it's headline news, if it had happened north of Leeds no one would have even been talking about it.


I actually heard George Alagiah say they had reporters from Kent, "all the way up" to the Borders. That's not "all the way up the country".


Haha, well they are never going to cover Scotland... who watches news in Scotland? ;o)

It's the same as ".... and now for the latest from Oxford, we'll cross to our North Of England correspondent..." as though they have one guy covering everything that happens outside the M25.... oh wait, they do.


My boss wasn't impressed with his daughter's school being shut (with 1 inch of snow) and sent me a ranty email which, as usual, began "In Finland, ...".

There's no need for the chaos that has gripped parts of the South East, it's just that it costs to much to be prepared and organised for bad weather.

It's kind of like when the people here start complaining about the horrible wind and it's like 8 m/s... Finally a breath of fresh air!

everyone behaves as if snow didn't even exist before that exact moment.

It's not just in your country - it's all over here, EVERY season.

This year it seems people over-reacted all over again when there was a (very brief) time between the initial major storms - as though a year had passed and it was a new winter and let's not take care of our cars or sidewalks and freak out at the supermarket for shovels and salt and provisions.

I hope it's just me - but it does appear that people are saving money by not purchasing the above, I wonder if it is another sign of the economy. To be fair the temps have been very raw and the snow untimely so it's hard to be around to shovel/sand on time. I know the allotted budgets for clearing the roads/salting have been hit pretty hard - and that was just for December!

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