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I'm no longer a Keynote virgin. Tonight I watched the full two hour-and-a-bit keynote speech by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the first day of WWDC 2003 - DSL baby, yeah - and words almost cannot describe my reactions to some of the announcements.

You have Mac OS X 10.3 - Panther - with some very cool features such as Exposé, Fast User Switching (yes, it really does look like that, and it's a sight to behold), and FileVault (encryption and decryption of files in your home folder on the fly).

You have Xcode, which looks very impressive and is a hell of an improvement on the old Project Builder.

You have iChat AV, which I've already used to speak to foxmagic for the first time (in hushed tones, seeing as it was close to 2am) to great effect. In partnership with iChat AV comes iSight - it's just all i, i, i, isn't it? - which I have three problems with. It costs the equivalent of US$200 over here; it won't work too well with my too-slow computer; and the WWDC attendees each get one free. Man, am I jealous.

Going back to iChat AV, Steve first had a video chat with Phil Schiller who was backstage. Then he had an audio chat with a friend over in Paris, and surprised the audience by then initiating a video chat with the guy, with the Eiffel Tower in the background and everything. The final chat surprise came when he talked to Al Gore in a video chat; upon being informed he was participating in the third ever public video chat using iChat AV, he remarked, "Well, it's hard coming first." I just know earenwe will use iChat AV to great effect, and I can't wait for her to find out about the first really viable, free AV conferencing solution I've ever seen.

Oh, and one more thing: oh, my, goodness. You have the Power Mac G5. I've seen the real-world tests on this thing compared with the fastest dual-Xeon Dell out there, and the G5 screams. It's at least twice the speed in most areas, and about $1000 cheaper. I'm half-tempted to switch from being a laptop user for the first time.

I'm on the verge of drowning in a pool of drool, and I want to take you with me. Go see.
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