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because I say so

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Decisions, Decisions
an example iPod engravingWhile earenwe has passed up all chances of having any desired birthday present(s) delivered to her in time for her birthday (partly because she's been too busy to decide, and I'm completely inept in selecting random presents), I currently have my own birthday to worry about.

In just over two weeks I will be 21 years of age. In light of this, I have an announcement to make:

My birthday wishlist is on-line.
I will have horrible guilt trips if you buy me anything from it, so if you like to see me suffer, go visit now! (Nice angle, no?)

I last posted about what I sort of wanted as my main present back on the 16th, but since then I've found another relatively expensive item I desire. Once again, I badly need your help in deciding, so I'll be cross-posting a simple poll to one or two communities so I can have as much help as possible.

The first item on the agenda is a 30GB Apple iPod. With one of these, I could:
  • Have it laser-engraved with my name (see big image on right)
  • Hook it up to my old laptop via my existing FireWire card, and use it with Mac OS X
  • Store tons of my favourite music, and forego listening to daytime radio for up to eight hours at a time
  • Back up important files by using it as an external Hard Drive
  • Store notes and read them on the iPod's built-in screen
  • Play games during periods of boredom
  • Boast that I own an iPod
Sony CyberShot DSC-P10Since my last birthday-related post, I've discovered that I also crave a digital camera. You can read what I've already said about it in a discussion thread over in lightningbaron's journal, but the second item on the agenda is a Sony CyberShot DSC-P10. With one of these:
  • I'd have to buy a USB card for my computer, but that would itself prove useful in future
  • iPhoto would work beautifully
  • The possibilities for random picture taking are greatly increased without worrying about wasting film
  • I could share pictures and even, gasp, video with you grubby lot
  • I might start selling stuff on eBay with a digicam to take item photos
  • Buying extra memory sticks would bring total cost above that of the initial cost of the iPod
  • I could boast that I own a decent digital camera
So, iPod or Digital Camera. Or something else? You decide!

Poll #152935 Decide on my main birthday present...

What should I get for my birthday?

A 30GB Apple iPod
Something else (indicate below)

Do I deserve this present, considering I'm not asking for, say, a car in the long term?

Yes, absolutely
No, I hate you
No comment

If you chose the iPod, please tell me what you think should be engraved on the back. If you chose Something Else, say what it is here and give a link if you can. Or, you can simply use this space to comment. It's up to you.

Need more room because you ran out of space in answering the above question? Feel free to continue here.

All answers are anonymous, so please don't be afraid to fill out the poll. You will, of course, have my eternal gratitude for making my important decisions for me.

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After a few days with a digital camera myself, I have to say....go with the camera ;) you will not regret it.

Not that you would regreat an iPod either ;) but....

annonimity, anninimiddy, anonnimitty...

I got to see baron's camera
drool, drool.

I think it's also a more social activity
than the ipod;
I load my musical eclectics on my hd (PC) here
and do nothing with it, CD burning has become a chore
more than a joy. I know IPOD is not the same,
but several I talk to have mixed feelings.
I break walkmans on a regular basis,
what if my IPOD becomes lost/stolen?

The only thing that sux is the cost going up with those memory strips; I hadn't realized that.

(I also acknowledge my answer may be more what I want, than what you want --- however if I could afford to upgrade to MAC I would, so IPOD wouldn't be far behind)

Oh and yes you deserve it,
you are of impeccable service to us all,

Anonymity schnanonimity?

earenwe objected to my putting that second question in, but it's my poll, so thtppthth.

One of my reservations over both is their attractiveness to thieves, but one specific to the iPod is the small HD inside it. All those sensitive moving parts.

I do agree that I would completely retreat into my iPod, while I'd share the camera and some of the pictures I'd end up taking. Also, I can buy 384MBs worth of Memory Stick for an extra £100, so it's not so bad.

I know this comment sounds like I'm leaning towards getting the camera, but regardless of which shiny piece of kit I get for my birthday I'll probably get the other shiny piece of kit for Christmas. It's certainly shaping up to be a present-filled year!

Re: Anonymity schnanonimity?

you DO know how hobbits celebrate their birthdays?
hmmm, you do?

(hint, hint)

*slunks away with vivid envy*

Re: Anonymity schnanonimity?

Oh, I do.

Unfortunately, the Shire isn't split in half by a pond the size of the Atlantic.


Ah, let me just put my feet up here on Minas Tirith... Re: Anonymity schnanonimity?

It's not?

Does that mean one of us is living in the Grey Havens then?

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