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So much can happen in a short space of time

18:52 Jul 04
We are currently receiving reports of connectivity problems affecting some of our ADSL customers. Engineers are currently investigating.
This effectively kicked me off-line for about five hours earlier today, although I could still communicate via services I was already connected to such as IRC. In that time, I learned of Barry White's death and a bomb scare at the UK Big Brother house which led to the housemates being evacuated and the postponement of eviction programmes until tomorrow. Ironically, the bomb scare is probably the most exciting thing that's happened in Big Brother this season. Barry White, of course, will be greatly missed.

Frenzied attempts to video chat with aajwind (who was in the brand spanking new Apple Store Chicago at the time drooling over the 12" PowerBook G4) failed miserably. I later discover that iChat AV requires a minimum G4 or 600MHz G3 processor for any kind of video chat to work properly, which it obviously has no hope of doing under my crappy 250MHz processor. Sorry foxmagic, I'll have to settle for your elite iSight-captured pictures. Le sigh.

Oh, and Happy 5th of July, everyone.

Mmm, pizza.

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