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(no subject)
Perusing my friends page, I notice asciident feeling old upon hearing of a "Super-Hits Of The 90s!" weekend on her local station featuring music from the nineties all this 4th of July weekend. Intrigued, I ask if she knows of a stream URL; imagine my shock and surprise when she suggests that supersat set up a stream so I can listen in.

I later speak to supersat on IRC, where we agree on a 128kbps Shoutcast stream and he sets it up within minutes. I'm listening as I type, in glorious stereo, loving every minute. Even the ads.

I officially love LiveJournal. Thank you, asciident and supersat.

Now, if I can get someone in New York with a T1 who's willing to stream K-ROCK for me, I can die happy.

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You're very welcome. :)

I'd help if I could. Maybe one day they'll actually stream themselves.

Gettin' mah nag on

I'm a member of their Music Advisory Board, and I never pass up an oppurtunity to remind them to get a stream in gear yesterday. Hope they do so in the very near future, same with WRRV.

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