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I've been so lazy and vacant lately that I forgot to even mention that I've been home alone since Thursday morning, when the folks went off to the cottage. I had ready meals from Marks & Spencer to rely on, but that only set me up for two nights; that's why I decided to celebrate my vegetable status by ordering pizza on Friday night.

On Saturday I finally got round to burning a CD I should have burned back on... Tuesday. This was my first attempt at burning a CD within Mac OS X since I switched back in February, and while it didn't immediately recognise my external SCSI writer (for shame) it did once I restarted, with the thing switched on and plugged into the PowerBook. Burning within the Finder worked flawlessly after that, and I'm looking forward to receiving an e-mail confirming or disproving that the CD can be read in Windows...

I cut it a bit close getting it to the post office, which closed at 6pm - a minute after I got there. Luckily found out where to find a postbox with a Sunday collection, which happened to be four blocks away. On the way home from there I stopped at Sainsbury's, to buy £15 worth of "food" and "drink" to see me through until tomorrow.

Sunday I seriously hurt my head, by attempting to answer a few translation queries in the destination language. I don't need a dictionary to read the stuff, but it takes me far too long to actually write a coherent, half correct sentence in it. Gotta rope Mum in at some point during the Summer to help LJ out a bit more.

Today I learned that tomorrow's going to be a big day for two reasons: I spoke to the person with the purse strings, who confirmed I can order my domain name transfer and main birthday present tomorrow night! That means that you have until tomorrow night to fill out my birthday present poll, if you haven't already done so, before I make my final decision.

Also, I've at last re-discovered mldonkey, weeks after cheesechick's recommendation, and this time through the absolutely brilliant mlMac. Last time operation and server connections were so incredibly flaky as to make searching useless, but finally, with mlMac I have decent access to FastTrack networks such as Kazaa! I know earenwe will want to try this out at some point....

At some point I'll have to update and flesh out my to-do list; there are more than a few trivial time-consuming things I want to take care of in the next few months, and I'll never remember them all...
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