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because I say so

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The Results Are In...
Just to re-iterate: happy birthday, earenwe!

Back to my own birthday plans, and a big thank you to all of the following:

jpallan  angelsk  thewildrose  volantwish  lightningbaron  malerin  jackola kirylin  csogilvie  emmavescence  asciident  tinyjo  zach  alsatia  earenwe  lightningbaron   djw crschmidt  bertho  ratkrycek  the_demiurge fweebles exor674  janinedog xtremesaints  kamara rho   maxwellgrant   rahaeli (with help from Bit)

The voting was nail-bitingly close, and the split in the end was fifteen votes to twelve. If your browser displays CSS properly, you'll see how the voting went before I announce at the end of this post what I'm just about to buy; first, however, are some highlights!

Of those who voted for the iPod, thewildrose and emmavescence had no ideas as to what to engrave on the back. Had a few interesting ideas from the following, though:

    jpallan -- jayo be da man!

    jackola -- jackola rocks

    exor674 -- LiveJournal is cool. Bunnehs rule!

    And my personal favourite: the_demiurge -- You have no chance to survive make your time!

kirylin and kamara, ever the traditionalists, thought my (real) name should be engraved on the back, and the pristine tinyjo wanted nothing to deface the shinyness.

The vast majority of those who responded to my second egotistical question on whether I deserved this present responded positively. (Phew!) Two answered "no comment", and interestingly enough only xtremesaints answered "No, I hate you", leading me to believe that she's only insanely jealous of me. Or so I hope. maxwellgrant wants to judge my worthiness based upon my appearance, which seems a tad unfair. *thpthtthpt*

Other notable comments:

    jpallan decided to fill out the poll a second time after she suggested a decidedly adult sex toy. She decided to apologise unnecessarily; although I was surprised when I saw the page, I was by no means offended by her suggestion...

    In answer to ratkrycek: I can probably ask for the other shiny piece of kit for Christmas, so I'm not missing out on anything for more than six months.

    earenwe called me a t00b, whatever that means. She does that a lot though. *grin*

    bertho, unaware that I only drink alcohol under exceptional circumstances and that many Scottish whisky brands are probably far superior, suggested I buy a bottle of Jack Daniels along with my iPod...

    Both janinedog and lightningbaron are so attached to their lovely digital cameras that they were perhaps biased towards choosing the camera anyway.

    maxwellgrant adds: "Am I the only one who thought that LOL meant 'lots of love' in the beginning?" Er... yes?

    And rho, being her odd self, decided that I should buy "A pet llama called bob, together with a llama grooming kit, so you can dye his fur pink." She didn't really want to fill out the poll as is, but I had fun reading her answer all the same.

So, what am I buying? Those who can see the indicative colours behind their user name will already know, but in case there was any confusion:

The camera has it!

I'm off to Amazon now. Thank you, all!

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(did I mention my family invests in the camera industry?)


(does Happy earenwe birthday dance)

jc, Happy Burfday again ;)
But you've created turmoil in my life now. I too was going to buy myself a digicam (a sony one too) and have just about decided on a model too. The new Sony U30 which is to be released in the next month. However now with me getting a brief play with your P10 I am in love with that one. And at £351 on Amazon I could afford it. But was it not for the fact that if my girlfriend was to catch me with one I'd be a dead man.
I was put under strict instructions. Buy a digicam....no visiting :(

*nods* I still hate you :)

Ah, but is it jealousy or just motiveless malignity?

Suppose not. Any way we can heal this rift?

Yeah, send over all your possessions ^-^

NEVAR! Mwahaha.

Would a cuddly pink bear do?

no! I want all the pink and purple bunnehs!!!



My BLACK BUNNEH will thwart your plans, evil megalomaniac!

It go grr.

who's a megalomaniac, nympho nympho!

*reveals teeth*


He will swallow your soul. Rawr!

You forget one thing...
Teh Golly shall kickith teh bunneys assith!

Holy crap, Teh Golly is sitting on a pile of pirated CDs it refuses to hand over to the RIAA!

I think it has bigger problems than teh BLACK BUNNEH OF DOOM.

Golly: "CDs, what CDs? I have no such things!"
RIAA people: O.ó;
Golly: *big shiteating grin*


Maybe the RIAA people wont notice if there's a bar of chocolate in the way?


Ohno, Teh Golly's been arrested and replaced with a bar of chocolate!

Did golly die? Gosh! I can come out from my hidey hole now!

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