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On Tuesday, I went ahead and paid my stingy secondary ISP £25 to transfer my domain name away from their control, by changing the registrant agent tag attached to my domain name. Within an astonishing five minutes, the tag had been updated in my WHOIS record and my old web site had been reactivated.

Because my name host's colleague could not claim agent ownership of my domain name until the tag had changed, I immediately talked to my name host so he could notify his colleague to grab the name before it got into the wrong hands. This was the part that had me on tenderhooks, but as of 6pm yesterday the name servers attached to the name had changed to those of my name host.

All was well, but I still had to find out the IP address that my name had to point to from my host dad, and he was away at the time. I got the information over AIM overnight, name host updated his name servers this morning, and just now I've been able to access my web site using my domain name once again. Hooray!

I've decided to put a holding page up there for now, as I really want to get my wagon in gear and properly design my web site once and for all. Inspired by earenwe's recent efforts to create her blinding new journal layout, I have a few ideas. I'll update this journal occasionally with my progress, and if I decide to later attach the site to this journal (rather than the one I created specially for the purpose), I'll announce that here as well.

This name truly is my preciousssss... now, the next step for me is to yank the name from a scum-sucking AOL-using registrant, who registered the name just two months ago for the sole purpose of making money by using the page to link to every irrelevant site that has a pay-per-click program. I refuse to link to it because I don't want the dirtbag receiving any traffic from this journal. Grr...
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