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...And Then Come A Whole Bunch Of Upsides To Counter The Downsides
After I posted about this morning's bad news, I found a large octagonal box in the folks' bedroom while I was tidying up. Turns out it had my name and address on it, which matched that of one of my recent orders. Much nagging led to them relenting, and I was allowed to open the box to discover the Belkin USB VideoBus II and USB BusPort Mobile accessories I ordered on Tuesday. Unfortunately, the VideoBus won't work with iMovie, so I'll have to return it (which I'm allowed to do) and think of something else.

Mere hours later I'm buzzed by another delivery guy, this time with (gasp) my Amazon package, three days ahead of schedule! I signed for it, convinced Dad that I absoultely cannot wait until my birthday to open the boxes, and headed up to a friend's house (which my Mum had left for minutes before the package arrived) so I could open it and learn about it.

The camera is a dream. Not only can I hot-plug the PCMCIA card that gives me USB connectivity into my computer and have OS X automatically recognise its presence, but I can hot-plug the camera (as you'd expect with USB stuff) and have OS X automatically mount the camera's Memory Stick as an external drive. It even has a lovely-looking Memory Stick icon! So pleased. Any suggestions of what pictures to take (excluding self-portraits, until further notice) are much appreciated!

Now I'm just waiting on the slow-to-deliver camera carrying case, the cheap 128MB Memory Stick and the Stick carrying case, and my photography arsenal will be complete. Mwahahahaaaa.

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(Deleted comment)
glad you like your new toy ;)

d-cameras rule! :)

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