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Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me...

[Edited 2003.07.31 to include perfy]

Can I just say, it's been the best birthday ever?

It started over a week ago, when my poll results came in. Minutes after I posted that entry I headed over to Amazon to order the camera, plus a carrying case for it. I needed USB connectivity for the first time in six years, so I went to straight after and ordered the Belkin USB Mobile BusPort. Finally, I went to 7dayshop to buy a cheap 128MB Memory Stick, plus a box to go with. The camera arrived two days later, on the 11th, as did the BusPort; the camera case was scheduled to arrive tomorrow or the next day, but came Friday last; and yesterday morning, the final piece of the puzzle came together when the Memory Stick and case arrived. (The photo attached to this entry was taken this morning. Luverrrrly.)

Earlier this week I once again managed to get most of the usual gang of friends together at short notice. Early yesterday evening, djw and perfy arrived at the house to unlock and collect a computer respectively. djw brought his nifty 15" TiBook, and seeing it close up made my Mum's mind up; she wants one of those now. We happily hooked each other up with stuff, and he left his 'Book taking advantage of my ADSL connection while perfy drove us up to Pizza Hut to meet the others.

Out of the five of us, only djw, perfy (a new addition) and I have LJ accounts. A friend of both myself and earenwe is planning on moving nearby, where he will at last be pulled out of the Non-Internet Age and encouraged to use an invite code. Another has a personal off-site journal, but he will also be encouraged to get an LJ account. I want the remaining friend to get one too, although that seems doubtful at the moment as he doesn't use the Internet as much nowadays as he used to.

Anyway, food was eaten, pictures were taken, we were given a free medium Grand Pan Meat Feast which was added to our order by mistake and I wasn't allowed to pay for any of it. We finished up at the Hut with perfect timing to stroll over to the cinema to see Charlie's Angels 2: Full Throttle, a bit of a last resort as apparently Hulk is awful and there's not much else on until Pirates of the Caribbean is released. We went in with vacant minds and still caught the so glaringly obviously fake plastic Sony WEGA Widescreen TV shortly after the opening sequence. It was around that time that I received a text message from the sixth friend, finally informing me that he was currently located three hundred miles north of us. All in all, it was a good hour and a half to spend on watching a film, even though I spent an hour and a quarter in agony thanks to my mistreated bladder.

Coming home I was greeted by two huge, highly embarrassing picture montage boards, compiled in secret by the folks over the past two days and taking in key moments of my entire life, birth to present. After djw and perfy left, the folks gave me my birthday card and my first present, a red handkerchief with white dots hung on a small stick to be carried over the shoulder, a strong hint for me to leave the roost. (Didn't work.) This morning I did some tidying and helped with food preparation before the family friends started arriving at 2:30pm. More pictures, presents and food all day long; the last guests left about two hours ago.

It's been such a bewildering and overwhelming few days, I'm surprised I've managed to write all this so far. More FO details will be posted at some point later tonight, or some time in the near future.
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