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I was fine when accompanying my friend to the bus stop on the way home from the cinema. He'd just missed the half-hourly bus by a traffic light's worth, so I decided to keep him company until the next bus came along.

By the time he was on it and I had crossed the road to get a bus of my own home, I'd started to feel slightly uncomfortable. When on the bus I'd really started to feel it, and in a matter of about three stops I had to disembark and head for the nearest toilet which happened to be close by in the form of a BK. After I'd used it, I caught a bus home and went to the toilet again. I've been twice since I got home, and I'm about to go again.

That is the last time I take up the cinema's offer of a free refill on a large drink when bought with a large popcorn. Agh, the pain.

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