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Music Poll...
Poll #163824 Which Coca-Cola 'Txt 2 Collect' CDs should I claim with my remaining credits?

I currently have 129 credits saved up in the Coca-Cola 'Txt 2 Collect' promotion.I can use 125 of them to redeem CDs; compilations cost 50 credits, and singles cost 25, meaning I can claim either two compilations and one single, one compilation and three singles or five singles.What I'd like you to do is pick the CDs you'd like me to claim; tracklistings can be found below this poll. Red tracks I don't like, green tracks I know I like, and black I haven't heard yet.Get clicking!

Dance Compilation (50 credits)
Urban Compilation (50 credits)
Pop Compilation One (50 credits)
Pop Compilation Two (50 credits)
Busted CD Single (25 credits)
Kym Marsh CD Single (25 credits)
Harry CD Single (25 credits)
Kelly Llorenna CD Single (25 credits)
Feeder CD Single (25 credits)
Zena (who?) CD Single (25 credits)
Mis-Teeq CD Single (25 credits)
Sonique CD Single (25 credits)
To clarify: Please vote for all of the CDs that you like out of the following list, not just those required to make up the 125 credits. Thanks!
  • Dance Compilation (50 credits)
    DJ Alligator - The Whistle Song
    Sonique - Freefallin
    Flip & Fill - True Love Never Dies
    Safri Duo - Baya Baya
    Alison Limerick - Put Your Faith In Me
    Kelly Llorenna - Tell It To My Heart
    Milk Inc. - In My Eyes
    Weekend Players - Into The Sun

  • Urban Compilation (50 credits)
    Liberty X - Holding On For You
    Mis-Teeq - Nitro
    Blak Twang - Perfect Love Song
    K-Ci & JoJo - Tell Me It's Real
    Zena - Do She Know
    Rapture - How Dirty Can You Get
    Ryze - In My Life
    Aphrodite - See Thru It

  • Pop Compilation One (50 credits)
    Jody Lei - Showdown
    Rikki & Daz - Rhinestone Cowboy

    Lucy Carr - Missing You
    Dario G - Heaven Is Closer (Feels Like Heaven)
    Architechs fearing Nana - Body Groove
    M1 - Heaven Sent
    X-odus feat Xan - I'm In Love Again
    Jump Street Players - The Little Things

  • Pop Compilation Two (50 credits)
    Cheeky Girls - Touch My Bum
    Rosie Ribbons - Blink

    The Reelists - Freak Mode
    The Bluetones - After Hours
    Allstars - The Land Of Make Believe
    Franklin - Save Your Soul
    Peter Hunningale - Silly Habits
    Reel - You Take Me Away

  • Busted CD Single (25 credits)
    What I Go To School For (Alternative Rock Mix)
    Dawson's Creek
    Fun, Fun, Fun

  • Kym Marsh CD Single (25 credits)
    The Girl I Used To Be (new album track)
    Every Kind Of People (cover version)
    Exclusive Kym Marsh interview

  • Harry CD Single (25 credits)
    10 Things
    Nothing Really Matters
    So Real (Mark Frank mix)

  • Kelly Llorenna CD Single (25 credits)
    Tell It To My Heart (Ian Van Dahl mix)
    Fly With Me (album version)
    Heart Of Gold (DJ Demand mix)

  • Feeder CD Single (25 credits)
    Comfort In Sound
    Can't Dance To Disco (previously unreleased mix)
    Piece By Piece

  • Zena (who?) CD Single (25 credits)
    Pull Your Brakes
    Do She Know
    Fallin 4 You

  • Mis-Teeq CD Single (25 credits)
    B With Me (Bump & Flex radio edit)

  • Sonique CD Single (25 credits)
    Will You Want Me
    Right Here You An' I

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Obligatory outspoken juvenile proggie post

My vote is for Yes - Fragile. It bloody ought to be on the list!

Oh well, nm.

Re: Obligatory outspoken juvenile proggie post

Limited selection, isn't it? Heh.

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