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because I say so

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Not just that
Forgot to mention that this excessive caffeine intake is currently combating extreme tiredness, as I've now been awake for 12 hours after only five hours of sleep. I risk dropping unconscious at any point in the next two hours.

There seems to be some sort of rodent underneath the floorboards in our (third floor flat) living room which from time to time scrabbles desperately at the floorboards, possibly in an attempt to break through. It's quite annoying, especially seeing as we'd need to move the sofa to locate it if it started up again.

If there's an exterminator lurking somewhere, any advice would be appreciated.

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Set some mouse traps and hope it's not a Ringwraith ;)


We had field mice in our basement, and birds and fieldmice in our attic at various points over the years. So I know how annoying they can be. Especially in the middle of the night, when you're sleeping and these critters decide to start running marathons blindfolded through the walls, scratching and thumping all the way.

I also understand your sleep deprivation and extreme caffeine intake all too well, at least recently ;)

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