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because I say so

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Update from the pub
Last night the folks and I drove up to the cottage oop north, where we got there for about 9pm. I was pretty tired after a long day, so I decided to go to sleep around 10:30pm.

This morning I woke to bright sunshine outside. The weather's been so amazingly hot so far today that Dad and I even went into the burn (that's Scots for a stream or brook) to go dam-building, which we haven't done in more than a decade. My boots promptly filled up with freezing water, which was great therapy for my legs.

Just now I spent about half an hour in the now blazing sunshine biking up to the pub, biking uphill for two thirds of the journey. I couldn't do it before the tyres had been pumped up to 50 (!) PSI, but once I'd borrowed a family friend's car pump I had the tires pumped up within about ten minutes. AFAIK this bike never had one of those wireframe drinks bottle holders attached, so after I spent two thirds of the journey biking uphill the first thing I asked for in the pub was a glass of iced water.

I'll have a nice ice cream in due course, but I'd just like to say for now that iced water owns me.