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because I say so

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My shopping list
frustration, computer problems, oops
...a new PowerBook G4.

The 12" is too small, the 15" too old and the 17"... hasn't yet had the lap test. You can bet I'll be going into an AppleCentre on Tuesday to perform the lap test on the 17" PowerBook, if they have it on display.

Assuming I go for the 17", I'd configure it thusly given the given choices:
  • Processor:
    1GHz PowerPC G4

  • DDR333 SDRAM:
    512MB (+£192.81) 1GB

  • Hard Drive:
    60GB Ultra ATA

  • Optical Drive:

  • Airport Extreme Card

  • Airport Extreme Base Station:
    None (+£136.30) Base Station (no modem) (+£37.60) Base Station (with modem)

  • Extra (fallback) battery (£90.48)

No additional laptop case, second AC adapter, iSight, iPod or.Mac subscription, since I can buy those separately for the same price should I need those. Discussions regarding any additional or existing peripheral choices are more than welcome.

And the educational subtotal? £3,037.72. (US$4,850.63)


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or, you could just get the equivalent Wintel laptop for US$2,000 less. ;)

Thanks, but no thanks.

suck :( macs are too expensive.

I never sat it on my lap, but when I was playing with a friends 17" Powerbook I was impressed.

That probably doesn't help though ;)

All the following IMHO. It's your laptop and if you really want the 17", go right ahead.

I still say it is too large, too proprietary and too, umm now, end-of-lifed. At least wait until Panther comes out, rather than buy now and be faced with the real possibility that Apple won't give you a cheap or free upgrade.

There isn't really any old tech in the 15", except maybe the memory subsystem. It does work really well, and at the current education pricings, it's a real steal. The 17" isn't at all a good deal both in light of the prices and the problems which you might encounter.

Also, do you want something that will fit in a backpack, or do you want something that will fit in a giant A3 folio? :)

You don't really need a backup battery immediately; I get 3 hours out of mine with the screen at moderate brightness and (umm, yes) Energy Saver set to "maximum CPU performance" and "spin down hard disks" set off. When they get old, however, the battery in the 15" design tends to get loose. I don't know whether that has been fixed yet. Anyway, enjoy whatever you get :).

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