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My shopping list

...a new PowerBook G4.

The 12" is too small, the 15" too old and the 17"... hasn't yet had the lap test. You can bet I'll be going into an AppleCentre on Tuesday to perform the lap test on the 17" PowerBook, if they have it on display.

Assuming I go for the 17", I'd configure it thusly given the given choices:
  • Processor:
    1GHz PowerPC G4

  • DDR333 SDRAM:
    512MB (+£192.81) 1GB

  • Hard Drive:
    60GB Ultra ATA

  • Optical Drive:

  • Airport Extreme Card

  • Airport Extreme Base Station:
    None (+£136.30) Base Station (no modem) (+£37.60) Base Station (with modem)

  • Extra (fallback) battery (£90.48)

No additional laptop case, second AC adapter, iSight, iPod or.Mac subscription, since I can buy those separately for the same price should I need those. Discussions regarding any additional or existing peripheral choices are more than welcome.

And the educational subtotal? £3,037.72. (US$4,850.63)

Tags: consumer whore

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