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The January Sales
I finally went shopping for some potential bargains in the omnipresent January sales today. I had to go out anyway to the dentist's for a check-up, so I figured I'd buy myself a Day Saver bus ticket and go to the shops on the way home.

Dentist wants both of my top two wisdom teeth taken out, because (as I got to see) they're so much higher up than the other teeth that it's impossible to clean them, so while they're not yet causing any pain they'll end up rotting away to nothing.

I have this habit of saving up book/music tokens I get for birthdays and Christmas. I still love receiving them, but because CDs are usually so expensive it's not worth buying them until the sales come around. Even then it's hard to find a bargain, so I usually ask for either HMV or Waterstone's tokens so I can use them in either store if the pickings are slim.

So, first stop: Virgin Megastores. Why? Because I got a £20 voucher at Christmas. Unfortunately the only thing I found in their sale was a 99p Papa Roach single, so I just paid with a pound coin and left. Not much of interest there.

Waterstone's was the biggest success. Armed with my £100 worth of savings voucher booklet, I got a pound off another Dilbert book and £2 off the excellent The Onion: Ad Nauseam. In HMV I picked up Weezer's Green Album and Bush's The Science Of Things for £7 apiece, getting rid of all my HMV vouchers in the process. The Bush album was a rare find, as it was hidden in the huge pile of CDs lumped together in a couple of rows. No luck with their money-off vouchers though.

Total spend: £33.95.

Thursday I plan to see what's on sale out in IKEA. Then again, lots of stuff there is already ridiculously cheap: bought six wine glasses for Mum last month, and the set cost me £1.40. Fun stuff.