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The essay wasn't handed in today. I really wasn't expecting to have a 5,000-word essay on workplace confidentiality ethics finished in just a few days, as I only started to actually care about starting it a few days ago. Still, with three resits looming next week that I haven't really studied for either, things aren't looking bright in this here camp.

If it were me, I'd have dropped out of university just as it started to get really bad at the end of second year, but I don't really have any option other than to stick with the damned course until I get a degree out of this infernal institution. I e-mailed my counterpart asking for an extension until Monday. I've not yet had a response, but if he wants to mark me down for the delay or reject my submission outright, that's his problem. I couldn't care less.

As a basic ADC member I've recently been taking advantage of some of the member benefits, which now include six or seven free hour-long developer sessions recorded at this year's annual WWDC. I've so far learnt a lot more about what's coming in the next major revision of Mac OS X, especially on the programming side, and a lot of the code abstractions look very intriguing.

I've never actually seriously ventured into the realm of programming an application from scratch, but the overviews still fascinate me. If I could afford it, I would pay $200/year for a subscription to the latest developer and preview software. I can't wait to buy my new laptop just so I can take advantage of some of this niftiness, as I have a feeling that 10.3 won't really play ball with my current laptop as fast or as nicely as I'd like it to. Plus, I'll finally have a decent graphics card to play with, so I can for the first time in years think about spending some of my time gaming. (Last serious addiction was Unreal Tournament; I became really good at navigating Tempest with my lil trackpad and arrow keys.)

On the music side, my appreciation for the band Gob has increased by orders of magnitude upon hearing their tune on the American Pie 3 Soundtrack, "Give Up The Grudge"; I can't wait to listen to their album. (Other gems on that soundtrack include the Nu and Hot Action Cop tracks.) Alien Ant Farm have produced a great load of not very much for their truANT album, and Muse's new album is a must-buy if only for the track "Hysteria", although there are a number of great tracks elsewhere on that CD. Finally, my favourite group of the moment by far is Billy Talent, with a cracking first single - "Try Honest(l?)y" - and a storming self-titled album to back it up.

Today, I decided to go to Sainsbury's because we needed toilet roll and coffee. Mum decided to tag along, and we arrived back home with £53 worth of shopping, a fifth of which went on the coffee. On the way to the supermarket I heard for the first time on Radio 1 Nickelback's new single, which I happened to predict (with the aid of a strategically received promo compilation CD. Love those things) some time ago. Even before I received official confirmation I knew that Evanescence's follow-up to "Bring Me To Life" would be "Going Under", just from listening to the album. I really do hope that reaches the top spot in the singles chart when it's released.

Last weekend when I was up at the cottage, we had a really great skyscape, free of clouds. With a few pointers I was soon looking at a bright spot of light, which was Mars nearing its closest distance to Earth for 60,000 years. Naturally, the clouds prevented me from actually seeing Mars at its closest from the comfort of the flat.

Today I created my first community, especially for all you TCers. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you won't want to join the community. Confirmation e-mails have been sent to everybody I could think of. Also, as a final note, I'd like to welcome ig_muse to the fold. This is the first time I've posted since I invited her to LJ; she had been wavering back and forth about whether to create a journal in the first place, so her spirit is now broken it's good that she's finally around. Welcome!
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