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Web Musings

Today, I've been thinking a bit about what to do about my web site. Sorry, web sites.

I have a domain name of my own, but it has my real name attached and will probably used for personal details (full name, CV etc) while having no ties whatsoever to this here journal or the more Internet-related personal information (AIM screen name, LJ user name etc). I talk too much about my opinions and feelings to consider letting the wider professional world in on things, so some time ago I created a separate journal I can use with my main web site should I choose to link one in.

This raises the question about what static information to incorporate into this journal, if anything. The only additional info I would want to reveal in addition to my LiveJournal writings would be of the trivial kind, such as what albums/books/web sites I'd recommend, my Amazon wish list, and so on. A lot of this information could go in my biography on my userinfo page, and with the various enhancements offered by S2 I can perhaps incorporate such things into my journal style, negating the need for a separate web site that's anything more than an image host.

I'm open to suggestion, though. I would ask for any recommendations as to what kind of information to put in such a personal site, and more importantly what the domain name should be. If necessary I can use the same web host as I currently use for my primary site, and anyone intrepid enough can discover the link between the two, hopefully without major repurcussions.


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