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(no subject)
frustration, computer problems, oops
I completely forgot that tonight is the Annual Fireworks Concert for the next hour!

Check the live streams here and here!

Edit 23:39: It's over. Every single year I never realise until it's too late that this damned concert is on, so every single year is a mad rush to get my act together and either go up there (which once took me five minutes running flat-out uphill. It almost killed me) or capture it from here. This year, with my new digicam, the battery conveniently ran out and the tripod was nowhere to be found, which meant I only got the last minute on 160x120 resolution video. I suck so bad, it's not even funny.

Edit 23:45:
[20:07] * clanger off to watch the fireworkies
If I had realised what that meant in time... agh.

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Sowwy. I was over at Aberdour watching with binoculars, which meant I got to see most of it, as opposed to when I'm at the Braid Hills, where it's very much hit and miss.

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