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The wonders of technology

I'm currently enduring my first "live chat" technical support experience, regarding our new cooker. Electrodes which are meant to light the flame on one of the gas hobs are broken, and because the cooker is still under warranty it'll require an engineer to replace them. I opened the ticket on the 27th, and was promised a call from an engineer within 24 hours which naturally never transpired. In an attempt to chase them up, I decided to use the "live chat" service offered on the manufacturer's subcontractor's web site. What a joy it is.

After a short wait the first time, I'm connected to Dan (Spares), who asks me how old the appliance is before I'm promptly disconnected from the system. I include the information in my second attempt, and once I'm connected to Dan (Spares) a second time, Dan (Spares) connects me to Emma (Service), who decides to ignore me and not speak at all. After ten minutes I close the session, and begin again. Third time, and I'm not connected yet.

It's back to the phone with me...

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