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TV Entertainment Done Right

I'm really starting to like five.

Newer friends may not remember the little rant I had back in May, over Channel 4's mistreatment of US imports. To cut a long story short, a long history of schedule mismanagement and neglect culminated in Ananova reporting that Channel 4 had sold the UK terrestrial TV rights to Angel and Alias to five, formerly known as Channel 5.

After being continually disappointed by the way in which Channel 4 treated these two shows (and by the way it continues to mistreat other US imports), five is so far doing a much better job, currently showing Angel series three (?) on Monday nights at around 7:30-8pm. This week I was happy to see a full-page advert (which you can see on the right, if you clicked on the above cut) advertising the return of Alias; it appears that series two will be shown on Saturdays at 8pm as of this coming Saturday, immediately preceded by the start of the fifth series of Charmed.

If I didn't already have the excuse of my babysitting the brats downstairs Friday night, I'd excuse myself from going up north this weekend just so I don't have to tape Saturday nights. Damn fine job, five; roll on Winter!
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