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Come Fly With Me

-[ 200th entry ]-

I've been reading for a few months now in the newsgroups about rumours of a planned direct flight route between Edinburgh and New York. Continental already flies direct flights between Glasgow and New York, and it was this route I took to go see earenwe two years ago; so it was only natural that the operator would be flagged to provide such a service.

Hopes began to materialise only yesterday during my little catch-up chat with riogrande, who reliably informed me that the buzz extended past the rumour level. Today, four fighter planes flew right past my window in formation. I thought nothing of it until I saw the news, which noted today's opening of the 9th World Route Development Forum in Edinburgh.

Happily, Continental chose today to announce their new Edinburgh to New York route, due to start in June 2004. No word on pricing yet. How's that for good news?


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