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It's official: I'm a contributor!

I'm almost lost for words, but this ties in with what I've been doing lately.

LJ's new style system, S2, is a dream come true for code geeks like me who disliked the uniformity of the existing Edit Style page. Unfortunately, for ordinary paid users who want to create their own custom S2 styles, the language is a bitch to learn without much help and guidance, so I've already helped newly-made friends like ursamajor S2ify their journals. If any of you want help in doing the same, I'll think about helping you. No guarantees, though.

S2's been in beta for more than a year now, and it's only in the past six months or so that it's really started to take off with the new S2-only styles and features. As it's close to being finished, us support monkeys are now expected to support its use, and we can't easily do that without having a bunch of FAQs available to chuck at users who ask silly questions without looking at the FAQ first.

I never imagined when I joined LiveJournal that I'd end up writing a bunch of these new FAQs.

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just wanted to say congrats on your first contrib! :D


but don't turn into an online Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen...

Yes, people, he has a website. Be very afraid.

/me steals the apple from the bunneh.
Mmm... appppplleeeee. *hungry*

Congrats on the contrib ^____^!

yes! jc ROCKS and is wonderful and patient and curious and explains things well :)

I never imagined I'd be helping the site (through support mostly, in my case) when I signed up.

Actually, the bit about users supporting the site put me off the first time I came across LiveJournal.

Actually, the bit about users supporting the site put me off the first time I came across LiveJournal.

Was it a sense of lack of professionalism that hit you when you saw that?

No; rather, a sense of obligation.

The FAQs did state that you aren't obliged to help out but it did seem expected. And I didn't know what "BML" was and I knew my artistic talents aren't that great and I didn't know whether I would be able to fulfil the expectations I thought the site placed on users by contributing to and supporting the site.

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