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Sci-Fi Sundays
A heads-up to all you UK peeps: Sundays are becoming sci-fi on Channel 4.

Today, Andromeda's on at 15:50, the new (sixth) series of Stargate SG-1 starts at 16:45, and the new (second) series of Enterprise starts tonight at 18:40 (all times BST). I wouldn't have known this if I hadn't carefully studied the TV guide, as I've seen absolutely no promotion for any of these shows whatsoever.

Have I mentioned how Channel 4 seems to treat their imports like crap?

Edit 13:11: Just in case you read this entry after the fact and miss either Enterprise or Stargate SG-1, Channel 4 repeats both of them on late Tuesday nights/early Wednesday mornings at 02:20 and 03:05 respectively.